Adrafinil From Absorb Health Review

Absorb Health is a family-owned, US-based dietary supplement retailer that sells a wide range of herbal and chemical supplements through there official website and also on Amazon.

They are particularly known for offering low-priced nootropics - including noopept, aniracetam, pramiracetam, oxiracetam, and of course, adrafinil. But is their adrafinil any good? Should you buy from this company?

Let's review the three most important factors that you should take into account when buying supplements online:

1. Quality

Absorb Health sells adrafinil capsules mixed with some fillers (maltodextrin and silica). They do provide a 3rd party lab-issued identity certificate, which confirms that the sample did contain adrafinil, however it provides no information on its purity.

Judging by the many positive and negative customer reviews on Amazon, the quality seems to be average, i.e. not the best out there neither the worst. Some consumers say it worked for them, while others claim it didn't do anything.

2. Price

In terms of price, Absorb Health are very competitive. Their adrafinil capsules are among the cheapest you can find online. Here's the current price list:

  • 30 capsules X 300mg: $32.99
  • 70 capsules X 300mg: $69.99
  • 100 capsules X 300mg: $94.99
  • 150 capsules X 300mg: $119.99

3. Customer Service

Well, this is where things start to get a little disappointing. There are numerous complaints about poor customer support from Absorb Health. Sometimes it takes ages for them to reply to your messages, and sometimes they just completely ignore you. Some customers were frustrated enough with their support that they had to file a complaint with the BBB to get the issue resolved.

There are also complaints about receiving the wrong product(s) or incomplete shipments. In fact, you can see several negative reviews right on their Facebook page!

My Conclusion

Absorb Health do offer lots of herbal supplements and nootropic drugs at very affordable prices, but unfortunately, they ruin it with their negligent customer service. If something goes wrong with your order and you need help, you may have a really hard time trying to get someone to even just respond to your messages. This simply shows lack of respect for their customers.

Until this company makes a real effort to provide good, professional and responsive support, I cannot recommend them! If you are looking to buy adrafinil online, check out these recommended stores.