Adrafinil Usage and Safety Instructions

Adrafinil is one of the most popular and effective nootropics available legally without a prescription. The following are some basic instructions for users to keep in mind while taking adrafinil.

  1. The recommended dose for adults is 300mg a day taken orally. Depending on your weight and health condition, you may need a higher or lower dosage to achieve the results you look for.
  2. If you don't notice an effect with a 300mg dose, increase it to 600mg a day, and if that fails to stimulate your system, then give it a shot at 900mg a day.
  3. The lowest effective dose is 150mg, while the highest is 1,200mg. It is not recommended to go higher than 900mg within 24 hours without getting advice from a doctor.
  4. Most users experience best results when taking the dose early in the morning (after waking up) on an empty stomach. Don't take it on a full stomach as it won't have much of an effect.
  5. Don't take more than 600mg at once.
  6. You can take adrafinil daily or as needed. However, if you keep taking it every day for a while, your body will develop tolerance to the drug and it becomes less effective and eventually stops having an effect on you. To prevent this from happening, it is better not to take it every day but rather every other day, or 3 times a week.
  7. Adrafinil promotes better sleep at night, but it may also cause insomnia for some users if taken late. Unless you are trying to pull an all-nighter, avoid taking it in the evening or before bed.
  8. Adrafinil is metabolized in the liver and converted into modafinil. This process elevates liver enzymes and raises liver activity. Avoid taking adrafinil with alcohol or any other substance/drug that raises liver enzyme levels to avoid overtaxing your liver.
  9. Short-term use of adrafinil is safe. Most professionals don't recommend taking it for more than 5-6 months because of liver toxicity concerns.
  10. If you use other stimulants or brain enhancers, you should take each drug separately. Mixing adrafinil with other stimulants - even caffeine - could intensify side effects such as nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. Not a good idea if you are trying to increase focus and productivity.

Note: If you are suffering from a mental disorder, like ADHD or ADD, you should consult with a doctor rather than self-medicate using drugs sold on the Internet. Drugs like adrafinil are not candy and should be used with caution.