Why Was Adrafinil Banned on Amazon?

I love shopping at Amazon.com! It is convenient, fast, secure, and there is a huge community of consumers who share product reviews and ratings. A lot of consumers buy dietary supplements from third-party sellers on Amazon, and until recently, you could also buy adrafinil and other nootropic drugs from several Amazon sellers. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case as Amazon have recently removed adrafinil and some other nootropic drugs (noopept, piracetam, phenibut, etc.) from their website, so what happened?

Well, there was no official statement from Amazon explaining why they'd removed certain nootropics from their online store (at least I couldn't find any such statement or announcement), however, the reason behind their decision is rather obvious. You see, Amazon do sell dietary supplements since these are basically food products that are allowed to be sold over the counter. However, they do not sell pharmaceutical drugs, which are regulated by the FDA and may require a doctor's prescription. Contrary to what many people call it, adrafinil is not a supplement, but rather a synthetic chemical drug and thus does not fall under the FDA's definition of a dietary supplement.

After years of running unnoticed, or probably ignored, all listings for adrafinil and some other nootropic drugs have now been removed from Amazon (at least from their US website as far as I can tell).

But how about other popular drugstores that do actually sell drugs - like CVS and Walgreens - why don't they sell adrafinil? Well because adrafinil is not an FDA approved medication in the US. It is more like a recreational drug that many people use off-label, which is not the kind of product you'd normally find at major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. Does that mean it is illegal to buy and take adrafinil?

Not quite so. It is still legal to buy and use adrafinil since it is not a scheduled or a regulated substance, but the catch is that it cannot be sold as a dietary supplement, because it isn't, nor can it be sold as a medicine with health claims, because it is not an approved treatment.

The good news is that while most major supplement and drug stores don't carry adrafinil and other over-the-counter nootropics, there are many legit online vendors from whom you can buy real adrafinil at reasonable prices. The following are three of the best places to consider: