Top 3 Online Stores to Buy Real Adrafinil From

Adrafinil is a widely-used off-label cognitive enhancer drug. It is unscheduled and unregulated in the USA, Canada, UK and most other countries. Although many call it a supplement, it is not! Dietary supplements are basically natural products, while adrafinil is a synthetic chemical drug.

You are not likely to find adrafinil at local drug/supplement stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, etc. That's because it is not an FDA approved drug or treatment for any specific medical condition.

Most consumers turn to the Internet to buy adrafinil and other nootropic drugs -- and since these are not regulated substances it is legal to buy them online without needing a prescription.

There are many national and international online vendors from whom you can purchase adrafinil with varying prices and quality/purity. The following are three of the best places where you can buy tested and verified adrafinil powder or capsules.

Note: Most online nootropic suppliers are either located in the USA or ship from the USA. If you live outside the US it is better to order the capsules and not the powder. Capsules are easier to pass as a supplement when importing from another country, while the powder is more likely to get seized by customs. Some countries have restrictions on importing unapproved drugs.