Real vs. Fake Adrafinil: How to Tell The Difference?

There are some disadvantages to buying drugs and supplements online, and one of those is you never know if you are buying the real stuff or some filler powder. There is a lot of contradicting and incorrect information being circulated on forums about the properties of adrafinil, and here I will try to clarify some of the key points to help you verify the authenticity of adrafinil.

Color: Typically, adrafinil powder has a light pinkish/rosy color. It may also come as off-white or white powder -- they are all real adrafinil! Color varies from one manufacturer to another and even from one batch to another.

Smell: Adrafinil has a light sulfurous smell, and also makes your urine smell like sulfur. The odor varies from one manufacturer to another based on the manufacturing process. Some adrafinil batches may be almost odorless.

Solubility: Adrafinil powder is partially soluble in water and ethanol. There will likely be some crystalline sediment at the bottom when mixed with water.

Purity: When buying adrafinil in powder form it should be pure and free from additives, but some manufacturers may mix it with certain additives. Adrafinil capsules usually contain fillers and/or binders that should be listed on the label. Make sure to check the product's label and contact the seller if necessary to inquire about the purity and additives.

COA: Most suppliers provide a third-party Certificate Of Analysis (COA) that verifies the identity and purity of the compound. But keep in mind that the COA only reflects the purity of the tested sample, so it is easy for anyone to obtain a legit lab certificate and then sell fakes. Having a COA is still useful, but not enough to establish credibility.

Note: Adrafinil may not work for everyone. Just because it didn't have an effect on you doesn't mean it is fake. Some users are non-responders to adrafinil, modafinil and other -afinils. You can try adrafinil starting from a daily dose of 300mg up to 1,200mg (maximum safe dosage), and if that doesn't work for you then it's time to look into other nootropics to try.

Finally, the best way to ensure that you get the real deal adrafinil is to order it from a reliable supplier. There is always a risk that you may receive a bad batch no matter where you buy it from, so it makes sense to buy in small amounts. Check out the list of adrafinil suppliers to compare prices at some trustworthy online stores.