Positive Vs. Negative Adrafinil Reviews By Reddit Users

Reddit is one of the best places to look for real consumer reviews and personal experiences of all sorts of products. What makes it more helpful than other review sites is that the reviews are mostly posted by real end users so they are more genuine and objective than commercial/shopping sites, like Amazon which is flooded with fake/paid reviews.

I am not saying that there aren't fake reviews and marketers in disguise (shills) on Reddit, because there are, but again you are more likely to find honest and "unmonetized" advice there than on other commercial sites.

Luckily, there is a large community of nootropics users on Reddit who are willing to share their experiences and help others. I have gone through dozens of Reddit posts related to adrafinil and found the following to be among the most helpful.

I have divided the experiences into positive and negative ones. You can click the link next to each listing to go to the corresponding Reddit page and read the whole post.

Positive Experiences

This user took 150mg of adrafinil in the early morning and in about an hour felt more wakeful, focused and verbally fluent.

This student suffers from ADD and experienced several positive changes with adrafinil including increased energy and focus, improved mood and better sleep.

A combo of adrafinil and phenylpiracetam is working perfectly for this user with boosted focus, motivation and mood.

This user took 600mg of adrafinil in the morning and in about an hour felt more awake and restful.

300mg of adrafinil after waking up helped this user improve productivity at work.

With a dose of 300mg this guy has enjoyed creative moments as adrafinil kicked in -- without getting nervous, anxious or having other stimulatory effects as he did with caffeine or Adderall.

Negative Experiences

Although this user noticed some positive effects with a high dosage of adrafinil combined with caffeine, it wasn't very impressive or worthwhile for him.

This user took a total dosage of 900mg and did not feel any results, except for an upset stomach.

For this user, adrafinil doesn't seem to work every time. He's only had noticeable benefits in 2 out of the 11 times he took it.

Although adrafinil helps you relax it should also keep you awake and alert, right? Well, apparently not for everyone as with 300mg of adrafinil this user was still getting quite sleepy.

This user is probably a non-responder to adrafinil as the drug did not yield any results.

After trying different dosages for a few days, this user did not experience any effect on wakefulness.