Will Your Adrafinil Shipment Be Seized By Customs?

When importing adrafinil and other nootropics from another country, some consumers may experience problems with their country's customs. These can range from delayed clearance to denying the shipment and returning the package. On this page you will find some general tips that may help you avoid getting your shipment seized by customs.

The Legality of Adrafinil

Adrafinil is an unscheduled drug in the USA, Canada, UK, and most other countries. It is not an approved medication and cannot be sold as a treatment for any specific health condition. It is not a regulated substance, so it is legal to buy it and use it.

Some countries list adrafinil as a prescription-only drug, and these are Australia and France. Nevertheless, many consumers in these two countries purchase adrafinil online without a prescription for off-label use.

Importing Adrafinil

If adrafinil is being shipped to you from another country, it'll have to go through your country's customs. Whether the shipment will be inspected or not will depend on your country's laws. Sometimes the inspection can be random so it is hard to tell.

Most countries allow the importing of adrafinil in small amounts for personal use, and there have been very few complaints about held or returned shipments. But again, it defers from country to country and even from shipment to shipment.

Countries that have few reported problems with customs include the USA, New Zealand, France, Japan, Singapore, and others.

Canada and the UK have been imposing strict measures on importing unapproved drugs lately, but still most orders make it through.

Other countries that are known to return seized packages of adrafinil include Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and others.

Tips to Avoid Problems with Customs

While there is no guarantee that your shipment will pass through customs, the following are some tips that may help you avoid unnecessary headaches:

  • If possible, order adrafinil/nootropics from a store located in (or ships from) the same country as yours. If you live in the US, this would be a piece of cake as most popular online nootropic vendors are US-based.
  • Purchase the capsules not the bulk powder. Capsules are easier to pass as a supplement while bags of powder may look more suspicious.
  • Purchase in small amounts. Most countries will allow adrafinil if it is intended for personal use, but not for resale or distribution. So keep your order to 3 bottles or less (or less than $100).
  • Check with the seller before you place an order to inquire about possible issues with shipping to your location. Also check their return and refund policy just in case your packaged gets refused at border.